Scholarship for Current Students

Jindal Global Law School offers a range of undergraduate and graduate scholarships in order to recognize and reward meritorious academic achievement. All scholarships awarded at JGLS are to be construed in the nature of a privilege, awarded to outstanding students, and are subject to the resources available to O.P. Jindal Global University. Accordingly, the scholarships should be distinguished from grants / fee concessions, and cannot be requested by all students as a matter of right.


The members of the Scholarship Committee shall annually review the credentials of all students receiving scholarships. The Scholarship Committee shall comprise the faculty members duly notified by the Dean of JGLS. The functions of the Scholarship Committee include:

  • Review the Scholarship (Renewal and Revocation) Policy annually and suggest appropriate changes in the policy;
  • Oversee the student scholarships and ensure the timely and fair review of scholarship applications;
  • Approve, modify or revoke the scholarships in consonance with the Scholarship (Renewal and Revocation) Policy;
  • Allocation of scholarship recipients amongst different research centres and administrative departments, as is required, to enable them to render 10 hours a week service in lieu of scholarship;

Monitor the progress of scholarship recipients and approving extensions to scholarships as appropriate

The JGLS Policy for Renewal and Revocation of Scholarship (“Scholarship (Renewal and Revocation) Policy”) shall be applicable to (1) all students enrolled in a full-time course at JGLS, and (2) all scholarships awarded by JGLS. All scholarship recipients are requested to acquaint themselves with the Scholarship (Renewal and Revocation) Policy, which can be accessed here.