Admissions Team

Anand Prakash Mishra

Assistant Professor & Assistant Dean (Admissions and Outreach)

LL.B. (Delhi), LL.M. (Delhi), UGC-NET (Law)

From the Head of Admissions - JGLS

I have great pleasure in welcoming you to explore and apply for admission to the Jindal Global Law School (JGLS).

Starting in 2009 with a humble beginning of 10 faculty members and 100 students, JGLS has travelled a long and distinguished journey having over 150 full-time faculty members and 2300 law students now. It arguably has become one of the largest and most premiere law schools in India and South Asia.

Our faculty come from 20 different legal jurisdictions with distinguished academic, research and practice backgrounds. Please read about them on the faculty page. Our students are winning international moots and debates. They are getting published in India and internationally. They contribute to produce research at over 25 JGLS research centres  and at the same time they are among the best sports contingents any law school could think of. JGLS is indeed the law school where any committed law aspirant will aspire to spend 3/5 years of her life and time and graduate as a lawyer with enough international exposure and global aspiration.

Admission to JGLS is done on the basis of LSAT—India Exam. Merit in the entrance test is the sole criterion for admission. You must prepare well and give your best for the entrance exam if keen to study here. The University has also instituted a good number of generous scholarships as well as domicile fee concessions for Haryana domicile students to support those meritorious aspirants who otherwise may not be able to afford studying at JGLS. Do submit the JGLS Online Scholarship Application to explore scholarship opportunities.

Lastly, I would like to invite you and your family to visit the Law School. In my view, visiting the campus and interacting with its students and faculty members is the best way to know an institution. Please do let me and my colleagues know if you need any assistance in this regard.

Best wishes and thanks for choosing JGLS!

Team Members

Mr. Deepu Krishna
Deputy Director, Admissions & Outreach
: + 91-7027850388
Mr. Debjyoti Bhattacharya
Senior Manager, Admissions & Outreach
: + 91-8930110758
Mr. Vinod Madaan
Senior Manager, Admissions & Outreach
: + 91-7027850258
Ms. Suruchi Makkar
Manager, Admissions & Outreach

: + 91-8930110817

Ms. Anshu Gupta
Assistant Manager, Admissions & Outreach
: + 91-7027850363

Anand Prakash Mishra

Director of Law Admissions, Assistant Professor & Assistant Dean (Institution Building)

LL.B. (Delhi), LL.M. (Delhi), UGC-NET (Law)